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Thursday April 09, 2009

A Little Time To Reflect

With classes ending and time to all comes back.

Break ups are never easy. First, there's the breaking part, then the making up part, then the part where it's still broken and then the second guessing starts:"but is it really broken?". Then there's the getting back your stuff and giving back their stuff. It's the stuff that makes it harder. There's always another reason to talk, to meet, to second guess....and second guesses turn into making up, then breaking up all over again. It doesn't get any easier, it only hurts more. And before you know it, the respect you thought you shared with them, the maturity you had wanted to have through this, disperses like pollen from dying flowers.

This person you once walked hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm with, now just stands with you side-by-side as your paths diverge into the unknown. It's the time when you need them the most because no one knows you like they have, and you have to learn to find the things you relied on in them, in yourself. Letting this person you loved and will always love in one way or another, be loved by someone else, is not for the weak.

The hardest part is being strong. Getting on with it. Letting go of the past. Letting the world show you what it has in store for you with no reservations, no licking your wounds, no bitter resentment about what could have been, should have been, would have been...if only... No fears of missteps and wrong turns. The hardest part is being okay with the letting go, and finding in yourself the strength to not fall to your knees and give up on love all together.

Our lives are handed to us and left in our control. We make our own decisions of how to live them, what we need, how we will treat the people in our lives, how we will treat those who walk out of our lives, and how we will carry ourselves forward through the obstacles we encounter. Life is beautiful, when you let it in. Life is wonderful when you open your eyes to the possibility the future holds. Love the one you're with like it's forever, the world has a lot in store for each of us, so if it doesn't work out, be happy when they find forever with someone, even someone else. We can't ask anything more for the people we love than that they be truly happy. xx
Montreal, QC


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