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Thursday March 26, 2009

Three is Better Than Two

Once upon a time I thought that everyone was just one person. One person to take care of ourselves, one person to take care of our responsibilities, and one person still as we grew up and followed our path in this world. While the logic in this doesn't evade me today, I now understand how one person can be so much more than one person, by doing less than one person would.

I discovered a few years ago(with great awe), as I looked around and saw my brother and sister-in-law coupled up and my friends beginning to couple up, that two people working together in life can somehow accomplish more by doing the same as they would do for one. It only takes one person to make dinner, but two can eat. (I can't cook for one, I've tried, I can barely cook for less than four at a time) It only takes one to clean an apartment, but two can enjoy the space. It seemed to me that, just like the milk commercial, "two is better than one".

Today, as I was fighting off writers block and a mild addiction to the smiley faces of text messaging, it occurred to me that we are three in the apartment and can manage to get an awful lot done while still having time for eachother and lives outside the apartment. I had been working on a moderately annoying proposal for school; and by working I mean reading research papers, online magazines (about my subject, the word "magazine" is far more exciting than the contents), and operational manuals. I spent hours rethinking my proposal, my subject, my reasoning behind it, and in general my decision for taking this class altogether (mandatory). Over the course of a chat with my roommate I began explaining what turned out to be the first 1200 words of my proposal, and all that had seemed insurmountable this morning as I stared languidly at the words chained together into sentences that formed the paragraphs of the endless reading material--no inspiration in sight.

I got more done today, spending less time doing it, than I have in a long time. And when it comes to responsibilities and obligations involving the apartment, there are three of us to take care of one apartment. It just seems silly that it should be any other way.
Three is better than two!!

One of my sisters once told me that it's hard to study at home when you live with your best friends. It 's true, but sometimes, it's just so good to have them there.
Three BFFs on video chat is pretty perfect, too!!
Montreal, QC


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