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Thursday May 24, 2007

Just Another Reason To Run Around In My Underwear....

Last summer my mother told me about a fundraising event that she thought was interesting. It's called the Underwear Affair and pretty much involves walking or running in your underwear to raise money for cancer "below the belt". The event was being held in Vancouver. I told my roommate at the time about the event and how funny I thought it was, he agreed. Funny translates to "I would totally do that".

Earlier this year, this same former-roommate informed me that he had heard on the radio that an Underwear Affair was going to be held in Montreal this summer, and gave me the website to check out.

Having moved in to my new apartment a whole 8 days ago and counting my days off since then at 1, I figured, why not start a team, aptly named St.Urbain Sweeties, and see if I can raise $4,000 in the next 7 days to help try to find a cure for cancers "below the belt". If you would like to help find a cure or just encourage my efforts to run around in underwear, you can make donations online HERE.

One of my new roommates has joined the team, making us 2 strong. We are going to see how many of our friends we can wrangle up in the next week to join the team and who knows, should we reach our goal of $4,000, we may even be encouraged to do it again next year, with a little more forethought and planning!
Montreal, QC


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