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Tuesday May 01, 2007

Applying Myself

I have not-so-recently realized that I am the epitome of "bad at keeping in touch". I have slightly-more-recently realized that working too much and not taking care of myself is a great way to waste a precious life and stay distant from my loved ones, whom I am fortunate enough to still have in my life despite my awful communication skills. I have rather-recently decided that the future is now. So, with my textbooks packed away, my new apartment found, and the packing begun, I will take this time to find new ways to stay in touch with my loved ones and to update my priorities. But it doesn't end there; as I was finalizing my applications to McGill Faculty of Engineering(!!), I realized that I was incredibly hard to get a hold of, as well.

I had to wait for someone to call me back with the information I was looking for, but I was at work so I had no access to a fax machine, the internet, nor my cell phone. Due to the May 1st deadline for my application, I was becoming rather frantic trying to get a hold of someone at McGill who had the information I needed, and waiting on hold for extended periods of time while still doing my job as receptionist at a hair salon proved to be more than trying and by the end of the day, approaching exhausting.

Fortunately, my Dov-ely roommate was home when I got in. We went out for dinner with his brother where I was able to let go of the stress that had been mounting in my body over the last week or so and enjoy some good 'ol Bayou cuisine. It's good to get out of the work-and-study-all-the-time mindset, and just let go...

Currently, I am FACEBOOKed, MSNed, GOOGLE TALKed, and checking my e-mails ALL the time.
Montreal, QC


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