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Wednesday August 16, 2006

"Because I said So....."

It's my birthday and I'll tell you what to do if I want to...

I'd like to introduce you to your tribe and our tribe. It only takes a few seconds and might just make your day. It'll definitely make mine...(and for those of you not paying attention, it is MY DAY.)

Step1: hug a relative (or call and remind them that you love them). This is the tribe you were given.

Step2: hug a friend (or call...same as above). This is the tribe you have made.

Pay attention: this is your tribe.

Step3: do something nice for someone who isn't a card-carrying member of your tribe.

Again, pay attention, it's almost over: now you have helped a member of our tribe, who may or may not be a member of one of your member's tribe.....sound familiar?

Go forth and do this, because it's my birthday, and (just like the title says) I said so.
Montreal, QC


I didn't forget, it's marked on my calandar, but I am ashamed to not have said so on time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Posted by: Kerry - Monday September 18, 2006 @ 10:51 AM.

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