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Friday June 30, 2006

The Epitome Of My Hero

I would have liked this to be an ode to my hero, but I'm no good at poems. My hero is a man who anyone could pass on the street not knowing that they are in the presence of greatness. He has all of the qualities one would associate with a movie star hero. He is strong and powerful although he most likely wouldn't admit it. He is successful and warm and charming. He has a heart of gold and the ability to see the good in people. My hero is human and he is more likely to admit his faults than take credit for his strengths. He is a man that I have admired for a long time. When I met him I think I must have known that he was a good man, but I can't say that I can remember that far back. The thing about heroes is that they are just a person that you know and there is no actual moment in time when they become heroes; when you look back it seems that they have always been there and they have always had those qualities that you think are awe-worthy. So, my hero was just a kid at some point and now he is someone that I look up to. Someone who is as excited about my achievements, no matter how small, as I am and sometimes more. My hero doesn't judge my mistakes and knows my strengths better than I know them myself. My hero likes people that do good for other people. My hero does good for other people. My hero makes me cry with his warm words of love and understanding and support. My hero is awesome. My hero is my brother and we should all be so fortunate as to know him.
Montreal, QC


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