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Tuesday February 28, 2006

It's 13:41...

There's no real reason behind this entry. I'm waiting to see if my gym-buddy is gym ready today. And I'm just discovering and enjoying that I can be busy and happy at the same time. School is actually going well and though I still dread going to Information Systems, my computer class with no computers, I'm encouraging myself to sit through class just like I had to drink all my milk at dinner when I was just a wee lil shaver. My prof reads the text book for 3 hours and tells us how proud he is of the company he works and how they use information technology to remain competitive in the last 10 years....which will not be on the exam, nor the quizzes, nor the assignments for this semester, but yey for the aluminium foil proud! On the bright side, tonight I get to learn......wait for it, so exciting, can't wait.....MS Access......yes, I know, you wish you were me......but there can only be one me, so you can be someone else in my class...

And while we're pretending, can you make it warmer outside, too.
Montreal, QC


Hey! I DID make it warmer. You have to come and visit me though -- I couldn't get the weather machine to work past the BC border ;-)

While you're bored, check your email! See, Information Technology at work: helping you cope with a silly prof giving a monologue on Information Technology. No other technology that I know of can be quite this incestuously wonderful, can it?
Posted by: mom - Tuesday February 28, 2006 @ 03:19 PM.

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