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Wednesday February 01, 2006


I have an excel assignment due next week that I have already spent over 10 hours on this week alone. I just taught myself the ins and outs of IF, AND, and OR statements for excel spreadsheets. I came up with possibly the longest formula to do what I wanted it to do, but it works. Thanks to my new found attention span and complete focus on the task at hand (better living through chemistry), I have just spent 4 hours figuring out this part of the assignment, and couldn't have been happier to do it.

For all you geeky people who like formulas, it looks like this: =SUM(IF(AND(F2<>2,(SUM(I2:J2)>=3000)),SUM(I2:J2)*(0.035),0)+(IF(AND

Isn't it pretty?!?!

In other news, all is well. I have a gym card with my name on it, clean sneakers, and some serious extra time now that i can think again. AND I'm doing the Karma class at the heated yoga place near me on Friday with my lovely roommate.


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