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Wednesday December 28, 2005

And So That Was Christmas.....

I usually can't wait for Christmas, and I love the spirit of Christmas. It wraps me up in a warm blanket and cuddles me for the two weeks on either side of the day itself. This year, there wasn't really much Christmas spirit in me. It was a lot like going through the motions, but not actually feeling the feelings behind it. I'm worried about my grades and my move and they put a cloud over Christmas.

It's always good to see the family, and sit around with my sisters and giggle. It just didn't feel right this year. Something inside me isn't how it used to be. I'm already wishing 2006 was over so I didn't have to live through this next year.

I feel so blah.....I'll get the last three boxes packed before I get ready for bed. It's a 6am wake-up call tomorrow morning for work.
Montreal, QC


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