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Wednesday December 21, 2005

The Mess That Is My Life

My room is a war-zone of boxes and clothing. I'm not quite sure what is clean and what isn't. It's not hard to see why since my head is a war zone of old baggage and new stresses. I'm not quite sure what is good and what is unhealthy. Luckily I have a man to tell me what's unhealthy in my life, relationships, sleeping patterns and all of that.

I've run out of boxes to pack tonight so hopefully I can pick some more up before work tomorrow and keep on packing.

Everyday just feels like an uphill climb on quick sand. I get nowhere and I just want to scream.
Montreal, QC


Trust me, it only SEEMS that you're not getting anywhere. Every box you pack and move, every gift you wrap, every step you take to get yourself where you want to be (in both senses of the word) brings you closer and closer to your goal.

Start looking at how much you've done on the list of things you want (or think you must) to do, instead of how many are yet to be checked off the list.

A reality check of your list might help, too. It might, perchance, be one that requires a Super Girl. Check your, ID if that's the case, because while you are an incredible girl, I've never know you to leap tall buildings and stuff.

Don't forget that sometimes, the ideal list you started with that would have things all done in the most logical, practical order, not to mention cheaply and on time (according to your project timeline, that is) needs to be modified as the less than ideal and/or unexpected circumstances (aka reality, weather, tiredness, Christmas travel, lack of funds, busy friends and family expectations) start to impose themselves.

It's okay to revise the plan as you go. In fact, it's expected by healthy project managers. That's why it's called a "plan" and not a "prophesy" :-)
Plans that change are part of life and projects and winter in Canada and being flexible and taking care of yourself so you can enjoy the events at the end of the plan.

As the end of the project gets closer and fewer trade-offs can be made, priorities start to surface. Tasks become divided into two camps (at least in my planning experience): Has To Happen and Nice If Happened, But Not Necessary Given Today's Reality.
Posted by: mom - Thursday December 22, 2005 @ 09:54 AM.

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