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Friday December 09, 2005

Some Days Are Just Shiiite

Some days prince charming is a toad. Some days bed seems like the only safe place. Some days require way too much effort for the reward, and some days are just shiiiite no matter how much I try to see the bright side.

Some days customer service seems like the devil's making. Some days just don't end. Some days require alcohol, and some days make it all worthwhile.

Today was long, and it's not even bed time yet. Prince Charming was not a toad. Today didn't require alcohol, and I'm sure I've learned something that will help to make tomorrow easier.

The mind is a wondrous place where the best experiences can be wearing, and the worst can make you smile. It's all about attitude.

And now, the magician will pull the contents of an OB textbook out of a hat and put it in my head.........
Montreal, QC


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