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Wednesday November 30, 2005

Christmas is Coming

So, Christmas is coming! I can tell since I am an incredible genius by the fact that exams are coming. In fact, my first final exam is TOMORROW! And it was explained to us on Monday that the exam will be written during normal class time at our last class Thursday. I have an Assignment that was due for the last class of the semester and now I have to review all the relevant information for the assignment and find time to study for the exam today, because I have class tonight and work tomorrow until right before class. Fun stuff.

If you do want to know what is fun about this time of the year: it's shopping season!!! I get to walk around malls for a good reason and see if something interests me as a gift I would like to give to someone. It's spending a day thinking about someone special and getting to look at pretty things all at the same time. And everyone is in such a good mood.

I do have a Christmas list already made. It is in the "wish list" category at the left side of this blog. I try to update it as things come to mind. I generally put things that I would be really happy to receive, wool socks included. I'm a little picky when it comes to anything that might not have long-enough sleeves for these tree branches I was blessed with. But other than that it's generally a small list.
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