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Wednesday November 23, 2005

Catching Up In Double Time.

Last week was a busy one as I tried to complete three projects for school and work two days and not go insane. In the end I was successful. And so happy to have my oral presentation over with on Monday night. It was the most stressful of my assignments since the last time I gave an oral presentation I started crying and shaking for 5 hours.... and began my descent into unhappy land that I have been digging my way out of for the last 7 years.

Sunday morning I got a phone call from a friend telling me that I was in the Gazette for the MS Benefit that I helped my friends host and arrange auction items for. It was a nice little surprise during my otherwise assignment oriented weekend.

Monday was super stressful due to the oral presentaion looming and a mad dash to print out some slides and find anything to take my mind off the evil event. I ended up buying a funny book about men and that helped distract me until it was time to start speaking. I can't quite recall which points I mentioned and which i may have skipped over, but i made it through the five minutes and answered questions with my fellow group members, without a tear shed. Although I did think that I was going to be sick for the next 45 minutes until my heart stopped racing and I thought: I did it!...and next time will be so much easier.

Tuesday brought good news and much hatred for winter weather. I woke up after a great sleep and lounged around a bit, I figured after working all weekend I deserved at least enough "down time" to watch a video and put my feet up. My good news came in the form of a voice mail from my mother which I listened to during the break in my OB class: she got a job offer from a company in Vancouver and verbally accepted it. There's paperwork to be done and negotiations that I'm sure will need to take place, but it's a step and as far as my worry level goes it's about a one ton off my shoulders. I went to a friend's after class to celebrate the good news and discuss the book I was reading since she had recommended it to me. Upon leaving her place, I promptly slipped side ways on a patch of black ice and smashed my knee, hip, and elbow on the solid, frozen, concrete side walk and have been in pain ever since. Luckily, studying doesn't require a lot of physical activity and can be done in situations like this from bed.
Montreal, QC


Very sorry to hear of your bumps and bruises, you better take it a little easy and get someone to baby you. What about those big clunky room mates?

On the oral presentation front, I just want to say, You Rock !

Don't just wizz on by it with, 'whew that's over, thank God!' Take one tiny moment for not just facing your fear but coming through it intact. Bravery is never about the grand gesture, bravery is all about facing the things that scare you, and doing them anyway.

Gee, you can hardly tell I was at the dentist this afternoon, huh? No, but really, no one sprinkled fairy dust on you, you made it happen, all on your ownsome lonesome. Be Very Proud.

I told you that you had strengths and powers you hadn't yet exercised. It's like watching wonderwoman's first time with the bracelets.

Love ya
Auntie L

PS I am very interested when you might be in the city over your Christmas break, drop me a email whenever your plan firms up, who knows, maybe our pathes could cross.
Posted by: Auntie L - Friday November 25, 2005 @ 02:08 PM.

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